A picture of many trucks parked in the lot.

Expert Truck Servicing at
Your Fingertips

At Delta Truck Center, we take pride in our ability to service any trucks with the utmost expertise. Whether it's routine maintenance or troubleshooting unexpected issues, our skilled team is here to assist you. We perform truck repair and maintenance based on your needs. We understand how crucial keeping your trucks on the road is, and our reliable services ensure smooth operations.


Rest easy knowing that our facility has a certified diesel mechanic ready to tackle any mechanical challenges your trucks may face. Their expertise and experience ensure that your vehicles receive the highest standard of care and maintenance.

4000 PSI Truck Wash

Presentation matters! A clean truck not only looks professional but also helps maintain its condition and longevity. We offer a powerful 4000 PSI truck wash service to keep your vehicles spotless and well-maintained.

Diesel Engine Services
Beyond Semi Trucks

Our dedication to excellent service extends beyond semi-trucks. We've got you covered if you have diesel engines in other vehicles or equipment requiring attention. Reach out to us for top-notch service on diesel engines outside the realm of semi-trucks.

Room and Parts for
DIY Enthusiasts

We understand that some truck owners prefer a hands-on approach to maintenance. That's why we provide ample room and access to quality parts for those who prefer to work on their trucks. Trust our stock of genuine parts to keep your DIY projects on track.

Reach Out To Us

Discover the full range of truck servicing options at Delta Truck Center. Our customer-centric approach ensures that you receive the service and support you need. Don't hesitate to contact us today for a comprehensive list of our services. Experience excellence in truck servicing with Delta Truck Center!